Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Annoying Taxi Driver

An Annoying Taxi Driver:

Have you experienced riding on a taxi where the driver doesn’t know anything?
Does not familiar in the common places?
Could speak Basic English and could not understand what you’re saying?
And worst is doesn’t even know the basic traffic rules?

Well the horrible experienced with my 7months pregnant wife and I last Saturday morning shock our world with this brainless taxi driver. The moment we get in the car and told that we are going to one place… he doesn’t event bother to tell right away that he does not understand us and he is not familiar on the place where we are going too? When the green signal where on, he just hit the accelerator and go in without looking on the side mirror left and right if he will might hit somebody…hmmm…

He made a U Turn to the road there is a signal of “NO U TURN”… and missed the first exit….
While on another stop light… that’s the time he told us that he didn’t know the place by saying ”you tell location – you tell location” grrrrrr….

When we are giving the directions where to go, we have found out that he could not understand us at all… and missed the exit on the main road… that’s the time we get nervous coz we don’t know what will happen next… then the driver suddenly reverse the car without checking the back and both side mirror then a big bang...crash… my wife and I get really shocked… and that happens in a second…

I get most nervous for my baby and my wife… where I don’t know what I will do first…. We get out in the car despite this foolish taxi driver asked as to stay in side the car…till the police comes for the incident report. We have found out that a local man with a Prado vehicle is the one whom we get hit came down to checked us…as we didn’t stay for that long…luckily a Good Samaritan Indian national gives us a help and ride to drop us to the nearby city area.

Dubai Taxi should have not hire drivers who does not speak common language (English) does not familiar in the common areas and does not know the basic traffic rules.
Be very careful… make sure to ask the driver first before you get in the car… this will be much safer to save our lives.

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